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Whats My House Worth Bainbridge Island

Ask Marie Sinclair Bennett, “What’s my house worth on Bainbridge Island?” and you’ll get the answer you’re seeking. To find out, Marie will need to know the prices of other homes in the area. She’ll look at home sales and inactive listings within the last three to six months. And then she’ll compare yours to them based on criteria like size, space, rooms, residence type, structure, age, location, features, and more.

You can get the same service from a formal appraiser, but it’ll come with a high cost. You can try an online value generator by entering your address into a search bar, but it won’t be accurate. Marie's services offer a thorough inspection and precise results. As a full-service real estate broker, she’ll also do more than just evaluate your home. You’ll get a staging expert, listing specialist, marketing maven, and negotiation whiz.

When you asked the internet, “What’s my house worth on Bainbridge Island?” you found Marie. With her expertise and knowledge, she’s helped hundreds of homeowners understand their home’s value and follow through with their successful home sale. She’ll walk you through the entire selling process step-by-step to ensure you make smart decisions. And she offers concierge service, no matter the price point.

You want to earn top value on your home when selling. But first, you need to know what it’s worth. You can also improve your home’s value by making upgrades and repairs. When you’ve settled on a sales price for your home, Marie will stage your house, create a listing, market it extensively, hold property tours, field buyer offers, enter negotiations, and find the most qualified among them to close on your successful home sale. Call Marie today!

Tips for getting a property evaluation: https://www.mortgagechoice.com.au/pat.borg/blog/tips-to-getting-the-best-valuation-on-your-property--34191

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