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Staging Bainbridge Island

Before you focus on staging on Bainbridge Island when selling your home, ensure that you’re working with an expert. An expert will do more than simply advise you on packing, decluttering, and rearranging the furniture. A true expert will talk about curb appeal, landscaping, repairing and upgrading, and ensuring that your home’s visual representation matches its price. And to do that, you must begin with a CMA.

The results of a comparative market analysis will reveal your home’s value. But you can increase your home’s value with proper renovation and preparation! You’d rather take photos of its best, newest features than you would any areas of your home in need of improvements. Your home’s appearance plays a significant role in its desirability among homebuyers, so you’ll want the best help you can get!

That’s why the staging on Bainbridge Island that you get from Marie Sinclair Bennett is in your best interest all around. As a local real estate broker and Certified Feng Shui Consultant with a 24-year background in interior design and landscaping, Marie has an in-depth understanding of buyer interests and how to best appeal to them. With stunning visuals and an attractive price on your home, Marie can employ comprehensive marketing strategies to reach those potential buyers.

When they’re perusing the market inventory, they’ll bypass others and make your home their first, natural choice as their new home. When you prepare your home the right way, you’ll have buyers seeing themselves living in your home and making it their own. And that’s what will lead to property tours, multiple offers, and earning a substantial profit on a quick, efficient home sale. Call Marie today! 

The significance of home staging when selling: http://www.realestateabc.com/homeguide/staging.htm

  • You need staging on Bainbridge Island from Marie Sinclair Bennett when selling your home! 

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