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Staging 98392

There’s more to staging in 98392 than you think. If you think it only really means what’s inside your home and how the interior looks, you’ll want to rethink the overall impact of its visual representation. For example, making repairs, upgrades, and repainting are smart moves beyond simple packing and rearranging of furniture. You want to make your home appear brand-new, not merely clean and organized.

And when you work with real estate broker Marie Sinclair Bennett, you’ll get expert assistance. She’ll make sure you follow the necessary steps to fixing up your home for its listing. And that’s because she came into the real estate industry with a background of 24 years in the interior design and landscaping industries. She’s also a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, which will be to your advantage!

When it comes to staging in 98392, Marie will always have the upper hand to leverage in your favor. Home preparation also includes external aesthetic. You want to ensure that your curb appeal will attract buyers just as much as your interiors do. The idea is to capture the attention of buyers who see your listing and maintain it long enough for them to envision themselves as your home’s new owner.

With quality photos and videos to enhance your listing, you’re sure to sell your home quickly for a maximum return! Not every agent is adept at creating the stunning visuals and cosmetic touches needed to make your home stand out on the market. But Marie has a keen eye for detail that you’d want when preparing your home for its sale. So, for a beautiful home and attractive listing, call Marie today!

  • No REALTOR® offers better help with staging in 98392 than Marie Sinclair Bennett!

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