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New Construction Bainbridge Island

Are you looking for new construction on Bainbridge Island? I can help you find some great options. Some belong to the developing subdivision community of the Reserve at Winslow, and others in Madrona Heights, Ferncliff, and Fort Ward. Whatever you're looking, Marie Sinclair Bennett can help you through the process. So, go ahead and reach out to her today to begin!

Marie loves working with home buyers in this market as she loves seeing people establishing themselves in the communities and contributing to their growth. She can walk you through anything, including the benefits of owning a brand-new home. With its new home warranty, modern energy-saving appliances, and the opportunity to build equity, new homes have many appealing traits!

Owners of new homes enjoy choosing the décor, paint colors, and how they'll arrange their house. Marie can walk you through anything you need to know, so she'll do everything in her power to make sure your home is the way you want it. She's an expert on investment properties, so this could be your next significant investment that brings in a large sum of cash!

As a local real estate broker with quality concierge services and knowledge of new construction on Bainbridge Island, Marie’s got the knowledge, tools, and resources you’d want on your side when buying a new home. She’ll help you understand what’s involved with owning a new home and tell you all about the communities these homes belong to and what you’ll find there. Call Marie for a consultation today!

Why invest in new construction: https://www.nuwireinvestor.com/5-great-reasons-invest-new-construction-homes/

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