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Market Analysis Kitsap County

You won’t get a market analysis in Kitsap County from anyone better than Marie Sinclair Bennett. Homeowners often prefer her service over those of formal appraisers, who charge high fees for their service and follow strict industry guidelines. Even those who enter their address into an online value generator for an instant result get unusable inaccuracies and wind up coming to her to sell their homes anyway.

But Marie has the knowledge, skills, resources, and expertise as a local real estate broker to offer accurate and precise results. Once she conducts the CMA, she’ll assist with home staging and preparation, then create your listing. With contemporary marketing techniques, she can attract buyers for property tours and enter negotiations to sell your home to the right buyer with the best offer!

With her market analysis in Kitsap County, you’ll have an accurate idea of your home’s fair market value and the price point with which you can list your home. Marie has helped many sellers in her career to earn the maximum amount on their home, and it all began with them getting her home assessment. Having Marie on your side means having the best representation available to sell your home.

After all, the first thing that anyone would see if they looked at your home's listing is the price. You absolutely must make sure that the listing price is one that will attract potential buyers, not turn them away. With Marie's expertise backing your listing, that will never be a problem! She'll make a custom marketing plan for your home to make sure the most eyes see it and turn those views into offers.

She’ll walk you through the market analysis in the Kitsap County process and how it works. With a comparison to similar homes in the area based on its essential features and criteria, she'll include recent market data regarding home sales and inactive listings to determine where your home fits into it all and how much it's worth. Let Marie provide you with her exact formula to conduct your thorough home assessment and call her today.

What’s a CMA? https://www.realtor.com/advice/sell/understanding-the-comparative-market-analysis/

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