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Luxury Homes 98370

If you haven’t seen the luxury homes in 98370, you’re in for a treat. I’m a professional buyer’s representative in Poulsbo. As a REALTOR® and real estate broker with 6+ years of experience, along with 20+ years as an interior designer, I’m uniquely qualified to show you exactly what you’re looking for on a free consultation with zero commitment.

As a specialist in upscale properties priced on the top 10% of this market, I have the ability to show you properties that aren’t listed on the MLS. When we speak, I’ll set up an MLS profile that we can use to focus on your preferences for size, type, and amenities. The more specific, the better, so don’t hesitate in reaching out!

Once the list is so specific to your vision for the perfect place to call live, I can include properties not on the MLS, that I believe would be a good fit. When we’re done, you’re welcome to keep a copy of this list, along with my contact information. I’m always ready to help you submit offers, review contracts, and negotiate the best deal on price and repairs. This includes the anonymous owners who don’t allow offers from individuals.

Once we narrow down luxury homes in 98370, it’s time to schedule tours! The combination of cozy, earthy, elegance, and style that maximize the value are what impress me most. They’re built to last with the finest materials and deluxe amenities. These properties adhere to a design discipline that allows the interior, exterior, and physical environment to create a unique and breathtaking experience. Call today to see for yourself!

More info: https://www.christiesrealestate.com/blog/10-definitions-of-luxury/

  • Learn about the luxury homes in 98370 on a free call with a local professional today!

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