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Kitsap County Waterfront Properties

Are you in the market for Kitsap County waterfront properties? I’m a local to Bainbridge Island, and I’m a REALTOR® and real estate broker by trade. I can show you every option available on a free consultation with zero commitment. We’ll tailor this list to suit your vision for the perfect place to call home, whether as a primary residence, a vacation home, or as an investor.

Depending on your preferences for amenities, these homes are priced above the ones without the views of the wet stuff. Still, there are options. I can show you sunrises over Seattle that turn to a city lit up like a jewel reflected in Elliot Bay. You’ll see a little bit less if it’s over Port Orchard or the Dyes Inlet. If you prefer to watch a magical sunset over the wilderness and/or Port Orchard or the Dyes Inlet, we’ve got options for this as well.

I can show you beachside luxury camps, classic family homes that conceal the deluxe delights within, and everything in between. Let me know if you want a vacant lot to build your dream home on, and I can help you achieve your vision to the pixel. We can walk, drive, and ferry around the area and look at neighborhoods, local restaurants, coffee shops, harbors, or anything else that excites the senses. This is how the list gets so short there’s nothing left to remove.

When you’re clear on the Kitsap County waterfront properties that appeal most to you, let’s arrange a tour. When we’re done, keep a copy of this info, which includes the tailored list and my contact info. I’m not going anywhere, so let me know if you want my help as you wish. I can review contracts, submit offers, and negotiate the deal of a lifetime. Till then, there’s no pressure to decide either way to take advantage of this free consultation. Call today!

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