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First Time Buyers Bainbridge Island

There aren’t many first time buyers on Bainbridge Island, considering the high home values here. But there are some. And if you’re among them, you’d do well to enlist the help of Marie Sinclair Bennett. As a well-respected and reliable real estate broker, she’s worked with buyers going through their first-ever experience buying a home. And even in this affluent Puget Sound city, she’ll help you find what you need.

Because states and banks want to see people establishing themselves among their communities, they offer incentives to first-timers that include no down payments and low to no interest on their loans. If you qualify based on total household income and credit score, then you’re eligible to take advantage of these programs. However, typically, their benefits also preclude you from purchasing a home within a specific price range.

There are limitations for first time buyers on Bainbridge Island. And that usually means that they either can’t afford most of the homes for sale or won’t require the assistance programs. Talk more to Marie about your circumstances and how you’d like to proceed. There’s always a solution to any challenge, and Marie keeps herself prepared to face them at all times.

With her knowledge, skills, and expertise, you’ll own your first home before you know it! And there’s no better feeling than getting the keys in your hand to a home of your own. As a novice homeowner, you’ll also have classes available to you that help you understand what it means to own and maintain a home. With a thorough education between those classes and Marie’s guidance, you’ll feel confident in your decisions as a successful homeowner. Call Marie today!

Assistance for first-timers in Washington: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/mortgages/washington-state-first-time-home-buyer-programs/

  • First time buyers on Bainbridge Island get all the help they need from Marie Sinclair Bennett!

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