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Downsizing 98061

When you’re downsizing in 98061, you need to find a new place to call home that suits your needs and finances better. Though this Rolling Bay area represents an affluent residential area, you may need to look outside the zip code for something compatible. With real estate broker Marie Sinclair Bennett at your side, she’ll show you options anywhere you’d like on Bainbridge Island or throughout Kitsap County.

You may be seeking a new single-family home small enough and affordable enough for your unique circumstances. Or perhaps you’ve got different ideas about preferring maintenance-free living in a condo or townhome. Empty-nesters often find too that when they’re ready to sell the family home, they’re also at the age where they can enjoy a comfortable new lifestyle at an active adult community.

Marie can help when you’re downsizing from 98061. She can handle the sale of your current home, as well as help you find the perfect new residence. When you talk to her more about your wants, needs, budget, and situation, she can help you through the process and find the perfect match for you. And she’s here to answer your questions and address your concerns with full transparency when you need her.

Saying goodbye to the family home can be a difficult decision. But it’s one that will save you money, reduce the upkeep, and help eliminate the stress of living in a big, empty home that’s no longer practical or affordable. It’s also a transition that could be the best new chapter of your life yet! If you’re ready to talk more about your options, call Marie today and schedule a consultation!

Some tips for downsizing: https://www.aarp.org/money/budgeting-saving/info-2015/downsizing-items-to-ditch-photo.html#slide1

  • Trust Marie Sinclair Bennett for help when downsizing in Kitsap County

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