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Buyers Agent Kitsap County

If you’re in need of a dedicated buyer’s agent in Kitsap County, who’ll make your experience as easy and rewarding as possible, then look no further than me. As a REALTOR® and real estate broker with 6+ years of experience in this market, I’m accomplished and driven. I also offer a wealth of knowledge about home values, contract review, and negation, which I can share with you during a free consultation.

I moved to Bainbridge Island over two decades ago as a lark while visiting for other reasons. As a creative person with a background in design and 20+ years of experience, I love nothing better than to walk through any home and imagine what it could be. There are very few places I’ve been where my imagination could relax because everything was exactly how it should be. And that’s here.

I’d be happy to create a customized MLS profile of the properties throughout this area. I‘ll prequalify you for financing and down payment, so we can target properties within your budget. This area offers a lot of opportunities for midrange to luxury, and I’m always able to find something that’s a fit for price, type, and location. We can discuss local and interior amenities as well!

As a buyer’s agent in Kitsap County, I’m active throughout this peninsula. I can show you properties with water views, forest access, and areas more predisposed to the arts and entertainment lifestyle. As a peninsula across Elliot Bay from Seattle, we enjoy the convenience, value, and economic progress a suburb of a major city can afford while still maintaining the charm and beauty of its character. There’s never commitment for a free consultation, so schedule yours today.

Area details: https://www.kitsapeda.org/key-industries/tourism

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